At Global Recruiters of Holland we specialize in networking with talent inside the manufacturing industry. Our clients focus on the development of new innovative products, manufacturing processes and continuous improvement. In today's dynamic market, it is challenging to build effective, efficient, committed and knowledgeable teams that will provide and prove organizational success. Global Recruiters of Holland alleviates the industry hiring challenges by becoming a hiring and business partner through many facets of an organization; namely, Manufacturing and Engineering. Through client engagement, we strive to promote and align the best hiring strategy.
Our office President, Brian Ehler, has over 20 years of hands on experience leading and managing individuals within Manufacturing, Engineering, Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing & Human Resources. Therefore, it has been his vision to create an unique Executive Recruiting Firm that continuously educates, aligns and develops the industry to better support our clients immediate needs and long term successes.
Global Recruiters of Holland continues to work hard through knowledge and dedication to the industry. By applying this business philosophy, long term client and candidate relationships develop, both professionally and personally.
Looking for a dedicated, experienced and knowledge team to support your organization? Please consider engaging Global Recruiters of Holland to aid in the Hiring Strategy, we are here to help!